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A Life Settlement is a financial tool used to replace no longer needed or unwanted life insurance policies with a cash settlement that is up to four times larger than any surrender value or cash value. The right time to look into receiving a life settlement is when your policy's premiums have become too high, and you no longer need that level of coverage. Also, when your insurance coverage requirements have changed and made the policy obsolete and you do not need it anymore.

A Life Settlement can be an essential option and solution when your policy is going to lapse. You could be letting your policy lapse and receive nothing or a small cash surrender value, when instead, a Life Settlement could provide a large cash settlement in comparison.

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The Life Settlement is product that many policy holders, prospects, and insurance agents are normally not aware of, for several reasons.

  1. A life settlement product is unknown to the client or agent.
  2. A Life Settlement is being confused with a Viatical. This is not so. They have similar aspects but Life Settlements are for senior policy holders and do not require a terminal illness.
  3. Life Settlements have not been suggested as a tool by insurance agents. Many agents or financial planners have not been educated enough about the program to feel comfortable presenting the information or they are wary to do so.
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