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What are the returns on a Life Settlement Investment?

Funders, also known as Life Settlement Providers, in the industry purchase groups of policies with pools of money. The money can come from a handful of different sources, including hedge funds, investment firms, angle investors, bond servicers, and private money groups.

The average return most groups will look for is in the 11% - 18% range. We have seen as low as 8-9% for firms that were planning to create collateral with the life settlement policies to back loans for other projects including real estate and construction. We have also seen some of the smaller private money funders shooting for 25% returns with a little more risk involved.

We try to tell individual investors to be hesitant and complete your due diligence before investing. If you have a smaller amount of capital you are most likely investing in a piece of a policy instead of having full control of it. This can cause issues down the road if there is premium shortage or undercapitalized fund.

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